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Online Faith Formation

We are offering you to opportunity for online faith formation through the website, formed.org. If you open up their website, you will see a page with a block thats read "enter parish Access code here." In this block tyoe D7WZV7. The code is case sensitive, so the letters must be in caps. Then click on the SUBMIT CODE button. This will bring you to a page to enter your profile information, including a user ID, and a password. After you have done this, you hit SUBMIT PROFILE and you will enter onto this main page of FORMED.ORG. Along the top of the main page you will see a menu bar:
Programs, Movies, Audio, Books. Choose one and explore.
Note: you can also reach it by going to the bottom right of our homepage on our website and looked for Online Formation.

Their website has programs which can be used for personal faith development as well as for small group faith sharing. Movies for your viewing pleasure; audio cassettes which are available for listening, and books for reading.

It is our hope to highlight weekly something on the website which may help you in your faith development. Please check it out. I hope this the new webpage will be beneficial in your faith development.


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