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Note From Father Pat

NOTE FROM FR. PAT 10/21/20

"Thank you all for asking about me and sending support and prayers.  I appreciate your concern and I know you must have been worried, esp about the length of this illness and the long hospital stay.  I have been diagnosed with Pancreatitis, which is a digestive illness that I have learned is known for ups and downs over what can be a lengthy course for some people. 

In my case, the illness has led to a cascade of resulting or related issues.  Over the course of the past couple of months, I've faced bowel problems, abdominal fluid accumulations and issues with my ability to absorb nutrition.  For this, I've had a feeding tube during portions of my hospital stay. 

I've undergone numerous rounds of diagnostic and treatment procedures and lately the doctors tell me that the results are reassuring that I am trending toward improvement. 

I am grateful for your continued prayers."

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