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Note from Bishop John

Here is a reprint of a note from Bishop John to the religious of Lexington:


Dear Brother Priests, Deacons, Sisters and Faithful of the Diocese of


I had the great joy of meeting our Holy Father Pope Francis this morning at the Vatican and of sharing with him the prayers and best wishes of all the people of the Diocese of Lexington. Together with

125 other new bishops from around the world, the Holy Father spoke to us of the importance of sharing the joy of the Gospel and bearing the presence of the Risen Christ, With his characteristic joy and affectionate smile he spent a few moments with each of the bishops and offered his blessing for ourselves and the people we serve.

Of course he is looking forward to his visit to the United States.

When I introduced myself as Bishop of Lexington, he responded with a strong and heavily accented "Kentucky!".

On Sunday we will visit the tomb of Saint Peter and celebrate mass in the basilica; you will all be remembered in that mass.

Peace and all good,

Bishop John



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