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Nick Notes

Dear Friends,


This weekend is a perfect weekend to write my last note as pastor of PAX CHRISTI.  When I was installed, I said that I saw myself as a mid-wife, to be present with you when God enters into your lives in a special way through the sacraments.  This weekend we celebrate the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, his gift to us to be nourished and strengthened to participate in the ongoing mission of salvation for ourselves and for the world.  This weekend we celebrate the source and summit of all sacraments. 

As a mid-wife, I had the privilege of being here

  • when the Spirit entered into your families at Baptism,
  • when God’s mercy poured forth onto you in the Sacrament of Reconciliation,
  • when the Spirit descended upon your families in the Sacrament of Confirmation,
  • when you became “one flesh” in the Sacrament of Marriage, and
  • when you and loved ones asked God’s special blessing through the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, either before surgery or at the hour of death. 

But mostly I have been here weekly to preside as the mid-wife during the Sacrifice of the Mass, in which Jesus becomes truly present to us, only this time as the bread and the wine become for us His body, blood, soul and divinity, the lasting memory of God’s love for us. 

At mass, we are invited to enter into the eternal mystery of salvation in which the whole world—past, present, and future, living and dead, angels and humans—join together worshiping God “constantly on earth, while, with all the Church, as one voice we acclaim” “the unending hymn of [God’s] glory.”  It is through the liturgy that we are most united and present to each other, no matter where each of us is.  

So today is a perfect day to say, “Until we meet again” as we do at each mass we celebrate!  Each time we receive the Body and Blood of Christ worthily in the Eucharist, we announce our unity and our participation together in the life of the Christ.   

May the good work which God has begun in you, come to fruition!  Thank you for accepting me into your lives. May God bless you all!


In the peace of Christ,

Fr. Nick