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Nick Notes

Dear Friends,


For the past few weeks, I have been focusing on the pillars of our church.  We asked you to consider helping in the Liturgical Ministries, and we still need you to consider how you can assist us during the weekend masses.  We would like to have another family step forward to help with the coffee and donuts, so that we can continue to offer this after the 8:30am mass.

The next week, I mentioned the need for individuals to assist in the Faith Formation programs.  Thanks to those of you who have stepped forward.  I believe we now have a sufficient number of lead catechist to have a full faith formation program on Sunday mornings; however, we still are in need of individuals to serve as assistants in the rooms.  We also continue to need someone to step forward to organize small groups for Advent and Lent; and we are  attempting to re-establish the Chapel Chats, and are seeking a few individuals who can serve as leaders for a few weeks when we will be offering different video programs.

Last week, I invited you to consider participating in the various Christian Service opportunities that we host here at PAX CHRISTI.

This weekend, we are asking you to consider our social ministry programs. These programs support the community building of our parish.  Of course, the upcoming events that are in need of assistance are “Under the Tent Sale which is scheduled for September 9th, and our annual parish picnic on September 10th.  But there are other events in which you can join with other parishioners: the crafters, the funeral meals, various potlucks throughout the year.  You are invited to support youth activities of the parish, such as TRIVIA NITE, the Family Youth day, pancake breakfasts, various potlucks throughout the year.  All of these events assist us in building up the body of Christ here at PAX CHRISTI.

In the readings this weekend we hear about the Jewish community opening up their community to the foreigners.  Paul speaks about his mission to bring the Gospel to the Gentiles, and Jesus shows hospitality to someone who even the Apostles did not want to help.  Hospitality is part and parcel of the Christian witness which we are called to present to the world.  We get to practice how to be welcoming through our participation in our faith community.  Please review the various social life activities which are available here, and if you think of something you would like to do, please share it with us.  All  service and social activities of the parish were first requested by a member of the parish, who had a desire to do something.  May God touch your heart!

In peace and prayers,


Fr. Nick