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Nick Notes

Dear Friends,


We began Lent this past Wednesday.  Lent is the liturgical season in which we take on a penitential attitude.  We are called to be intentional in our prayer, fasting and almsgiving, as a way to counter the temptations in our lives, and to grow more intently in holiness. 

These practices are offered to us by the Church to assist us to reverse the challenge of selfishness and self-centeredness which resulted from the sin of our first parents. 

We use the practice of prayer to recognize that we are dependent on God for his goodness to us.  We are intentionally invited to spend more time with Him during this season as an acknowledgement of his goodness.  Here at PAX CHRISTI we offer you a Little Black Book to assist you in spending an extra six minutes with the Lord. 

We use the practice of fasting to curb the desires of our flesh which can manifest itself in improper viewing on the internet or in over indulgence in food and pleasure.  Fasting is not an old Catholic diet plan, but rather tones our body  and our mind for an improved relationship with God. 

We use the practice of almsgiving as a way to challenge the desires of our heart for more and better stuff.  During Lent we are invited to share what we have in recognition of God’s  generosity to us, and to model that generosity with our neighbor. 

In summary, these practices of Lent are given to us to modify our relationship with our God, with our bodies, and with our neighbor.  And as the Gospel for Ash Wednesday counsels we are to do these things in “secret” so that God is our reward, not the recognition of others.


In prayer, fasting and almsgiving,


Fr. Nick