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Music Ministry

Jan. 16/17            5:00pm             Friends

                                8:30am             Friends

                           11:00am           New Vision


Jan. 23/24            5:00pm             Friends

                                8:30am             Adult Choir

                           11:00am           Friends


Jan. 24        Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Service

7:00 PM         Ecumenical Choir


Jan. 30/31            5:00pm             Friends

8:30am            Adult Choir

                      11:00am           Friends


Our sincerest thanks goes out to all who helped make the baby shower a wonderful experience.  Your presence and generosity in our lives only goes to prove how giving this parish community is, and we thank you.  We thank you for coming together to bless us; we thank you for providing the means to give our soon-to-be-born son a home where Christ’s love radiates; we thank you for your continued prayers.  You humble us with your showering of overflowing graces – THANK YOU!       Tony & Shareese


Do you love singing, but don’t have the time for weekly rehearsals? We want you, anyways! Any time the bulletin posts “Adult Choir” or “Friends,” you are encouraged and invited to come sing with us in the choir section. Please arrive 20-30 minutes before any Mass begins to rehearse with us. Contact Tony Arnold for the scheduled list of hymns you would love to sing, offering your time and talent in service!

Pax Christi’s Adult Choir practices every Tuesday night from 7:00-9:00pm, and would be honored to have you join us. Come see how our ministry enhances not only our musical abilities, but also our spiritual well-being.

The Children’s Choir rehearses after the 11:00 Sunday Mass. The Choir is scheduled to serve many Masses this year, so do join us as we raise our voices in joyful praise to God!

Contact Pax Christi’s Music Director,

Tony Arnold at tarnold@cldex.org



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