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Music Ministry


5:00pm                   Friends

                                  8:30am                   ADULT CHOIR

11:00am                 CROSS CHECK


Sept. 24/25          5:00pm                   Friends

                                  8:30am                   ADULT CHOIR

11:00am                 NEW VISIOn


October 1/2         5:00pm                   Friends

                                  8:30am                   ADULT CHOIR

11:00am Friends


Pax Christi’s Music Ministry FAIR is September 17/18. Sign up to join a most rewarding ministry after the Masses on the weekend of the 17th and 18th of September!!! We are always in need of singers and instrumentalists! 

Ministry Testimonial: “Sing to the Lord a New Song” (Psalm 98:1) Come on – don’t be shy! We need to hear your voice to share and blend into the beautiful harmonies that give glory and praise to God each week. It’s all worth the effort. Ask any of the choir members you see here each week. We learn to improve the voice that God gave us. We have fun and laugh a lot. We sing of God’s love, justice and mercy. We sing with grateful hearts for all God’s blessings. Singing engages our hearts as well as our minds. Singing offers God entry into our whole being in a way that ordinary speech doesn’t. Singing can open the pathway for His Spirit to move in us. Help add your voice to the Pax Christi choir and become a part of leading God’s people in joyous praise. ~Mary 

Adult Choir rehearses on Tuesday nights, from 7:00-9:00pm, and lead worship through song at the 8:30am Mass, and once a month at the 11:00am Mass. WE NEED YOUR VOLUNTEER SERVICE!


Any time the bulletin posts “Adult Choir” or “Friends,” you are encouraged and invited to come sing with us in the choir section. Please arrive 20-30 minutes before any Mass begins to rehearse with us. Contact Tony Arnold for the scheduled list of hymns you would love to sing, offering your time and talent in service!

The Children’s Choir begins today, after the 11:00am Mass!

Contact Pax Christi’s Music Director,

Tony Arnold at tarnold@cldex.org

Come join us in these rewarding ministries!  



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