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Ministry Opportunities

Volunteer Board Director

Catholic Charities is seeking nominations to its Board of Directors. If you are interested in representing PAX CHRISTI on the Board, please contact Fr. Nick at npagano@cdlex.org. The pastor is required to submit a letter of nomination.   Thank you.


Catechists and Assistants in Sunday FaithWalk

We are ending this year’s programs next month; however we are always in need of adults who are willing to share their faith with our young people. This year we needed to combine two sets of grades because we did not have enough catechists to cover each grade. Please consider whether or not God is calling you to share for faith with the young people of our parish. Contact paxchristi@cdlex.org, and someone will contact you about your interest for the Fall.


YouthGroup Core Members

Naomi is looking for some college age students or adults who may be interested in helping out with the youth group. She is willing to train you so that you can be an example for the youth through your willingness to share your faith and demonstrate is through the sharing of your time. If you would like to know more about this be contact Naomi at nschick@cdlex.org.


Choir Members

We are always looking for individuals who are willing to help us by leading us in our weekend worship through your participation in the choir. Tony is very supportive and willing to train. If you believe would like to find out more about being a member of the choir, contact tarnold@cdlex.org.


Still looking for:

Pamphlet Rack Minister

Prayers of the Faithful Minister

Altar Linen Minister



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