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Mark Your Calendars

January 10, following the 11am mass, a Parish baby shower for the Arnold Family January 15, Shereese Arnold in "An All German Recital Program" in the church January 23, Father and Son breakfast with Bishop John Stowe in the church hall.

January 24, Annual Prayer for Christian Unity Ecumenical Event in the church 7pm

February 5, Dads and Daughter Dance in the church hall.

February 9, the annual Mardi Gras pot luck in the church hall.

February 12, FISH FRYS begin for Lent from 5:30pm to 7:30pm in the

church hall

February 20, The third annual Men's Conference on Mercy at Christ the King.

In celebration of the Year of Mercy,

we are inviting Fr. DeLuzio back for a special Easter parish mission in April:

April 14, 15,16, a special Women's Retreat with Fr. DeLuzio on the women in the Gospel of Luke. More information coming soon.

April 17,18, 19, A special parish mission of the theme of Mercy in the Gospel of Luke.

Please consider joining us in at least one of these programs, and if your schedule allows to discern whether or not God is asking you to get more involved in your parish life.


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