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Hush March 23 at 6:30PM

Diocese of Lexington Offices of Respect Life, Young Adult and Campus Ministry to host a screening

of women’s health film ‘HUSH’ at Pax Christi

Diocese of Lexington Office of Respect Life and Young Adult & Campus Ministry will be hosting a screening of the documentary film HUSH, which explores claims of negative long-term effects of abortion on women's health, including an association between abortion and premature births, breast cancer risk and negative psychological effects in some women.

The award-winning film is directed by Punam Kumar Gill, a pro-choice feminist, who attempts to take the high road by asking audiences to suspend their political views and look at the science and research for the sake of women’s health.  We are asking the same of our audience. www.hushfilm.com

CONTACT FOR MORE INFORMATION: Deacon John Brannen jbrannen@cdlex.org or Peggy Sheiko psheiko@cdlex.org



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