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Help Wanted


Pax Christi Catholic Church is seeking applicants for the newly established Choir Director position. As an integral member of the parish ministry team, the Choir Director has multiple responsibilities including but not limited to; the continued development of Pax Christi’s Adult, Children and Resurrection Choirs. In addition, this role will be responsible for scheduling all music groups in the parish, establishing and directing the aforementioned parish choirs, provide piano accompaniment for weekend masses when volunteer instrumentalists are unavailable, lead congregational singing for Sunday Mass(es), and maintain all music and sound equipment within the parish. This position will report directly to the Pastor or to a member of Pax Christi administrative staff at the discretion of the Pastor.   Applicants should have a working knowledge of Catholic Teachings and Liturgical settings. The individual to be selected should possess a bachelor’s degree in music or equivalent experience in music centric role. The position is part time, with a non-exempt status and an expectation of less than 20 working hours per week.   If interested, please submit applications and/or resumes to Melissa Holland at mholland@cdlex.org.