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Happenings at the Pax

Youth News

YOUTH GROUP — Next meeting on October 1st will be at Malibu Jack’s from 6:00-7:30 PM ; parents drop off at location (parents must check in and check out youth with leaders); youth pay for what you want: $8 Laser Tag, $6 Miniature Golf, $7 Go Karts, $5 X-Rider Motion Theater, $5 Spin Zone Bumper Cars, $3 Basketball Shoot out, .50 & up for Arcade Games. Must bring Permission Slips.

The Bulletin

This week, you will notice a major change in the bulletin. I decided to reduce the bulletin and remove the color printing for two reasons.
If you notice on the back of the bulletin, we have lost a number of patrons. Our contract demands 66 ad blocks, and we currently have less than ½ the blocks subscribed. Our contract with Diocesan Publications is based on the support of the ads, and since we do not have the ads, I determined in justice that we should reduce their costs to produce our bulletin.
In addition to the loss of revenue from the ads, Melissa has been producing the bulletin, and I have determined that she should not be putting time into the quality of bulletin, when there are SO MANY OTHER demands on her time.
For the time being, we will only offer a two page bulletin in black and white with bullet statements on the activities of the parish and the diocese.
I am sad for this radical change in our presentation of the bulletin material; however, we do not have any money available in our Operating Budget to hire staff to handle the bulletin.

Help Wanted

The individual who was assisting with our Faith Formation registration, and attendance has taken a leave of absence. We are looking for someone who has organizational skills who can be available on Sunday mornings during Faith Walk, as well as part of a day during the week to assist the volunteer catechists, and record attendance.

Youth Group

We have decided to staff our Youth Group through a contract with Thomas Cross.  This contract will provide us with someone to be present in the parish for about 200 hours through the program year, and a college student, who will be available for about 6 ½ hours weekly to assist.  The cost for this contract is substantially less than employing a youth minister; however, it will require us to have a parish support team to assist with the youth group programs.  I will be meeting shortly with individuals to ascertain if we can have volunteers who can be available weekly/or on a schedule to assist. 

The Gates

You may have noticed that there are now GATES on the back of the parking lot.  These GATES have been installed so that our parking lot is not used as an alternate entrance into the Willows and Legacy Reserve.

We purchased the houses on Toronto Road, so that we could transfer the easement across our parking lot to the  drive at the new entrance giving the Willows and Legacy Reserve a secondary egress because of code regulations.  However, since the facility has opened, their staff and construction vehicles have been traversing our parking lot, as an easier access into those facilities.

The GATES will be opened by PAX CHRISTI for mass and other events we are hosting, so that parishioners have easy entrance and egress from the parking lot, but they will be kept closed at all other times. 

Emergency vehicles will be able to click open the gates whenever responding to an emergency.


23rd Annual Parish Picnic

September 10th 4:00-8:00 PM 

What to look forward to at the picnic:

A Cookout and Potluck Dinner

Inflatables for all ages and Face Painting

Sno Cones and Cotton Candy


Parishioners Bring:

Picnic side dishes to serve a minimum of 20 people disposable containers are available at the back of church if you wish to pick one up this week. 

Please come and be part of the fun!