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Funeral Meal Ministry

Funerals are a somber, yet beautiful celebration of life. Although funerals were much
different during the pandemic, it is with great hope that we will move forward with our
more traditional funerals that often include a lovely funeral meal provided by the Funeral Meal Ministry of our parish.
Michele Kubek, who co-chairs the Funeral Meal Ministry with Carol Wood, responded to our request for more insight
on this ministry. As we begin to emerge from pandemic restrictions, they will be looking to grow this ministry.
Ultimately the purpose of the Funeral Meal Ministry is to provide a meal for family and friends after funerals held at
Pax Christi. This enables them to share stories, hugs, and words of encouragement while they spend time together
over a prepared meal. The tears are often fresh, but the love shared with friends and family and the love poured into
the dishes prepared and served are a balm to a the soul. What better way to begin to heal than with a meal!
Those involved in the Funeral Meal Ministry are there because they recognize the need to have time for families to
gather after a funeral, and they want to be of service to others in that particular time of need. Anyone can help with
the Funeral Meal Ministry. The way it works is when a funeral is scheduled at Pax Christi, and if the family of the
deceased chooses to have a meal, then Michele is notified. Carol and Michele immediately go into action (as the date
of the funeral can sometimes be only a few days away). They makes phone calls to request dishes to be prepared (or
bought from the store) and then dropped off at Pax Christi on the day of or the day before the funeral. Who do they
call? They call those who have signed up to be a part of the Funeral Meal Ministry! What kind of dishes are
requested? The parish purchases the main course (typically chicken), so casseroles, salads, vegetables, bread, and
desserts are greatly appreciated.
On the day of the funeral, typically a group of 4 to 6 people are there to set up the Parish Hall, ensure the food is
heated and set up on the buffet tables, and that the drink and dessert tables are prepared. When the family and
friends begin to arrive in the Parish Hall from the Sanctuary, they are met with tables that are draped in white linen
table cloths complete with center pieces. It is beautiful and a fine compliment to the actual funeral itself.
During the pandemic, funerals were small with little to no time to gather on church grounds. As a result, the
pandemic totally stopped all funeral meals. As we move forward consider reaching out to Michele if you are able to
help with providing a side dish or dessert. Remember how much comfort your dish offers to a grieving family.
The Funeral Meal Ministry also provides finger foods for after the All Souls Day Mass held in November each year.
The All Souls Day Mass is for those who lost family members during the year.
Michele can be reached by calling 859-494-2269 or you may email her at tmkubeck@gmail.com