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From Bishop John Stowe

Through December 2019, two attorneys, Professor Allison Connelly and former Assistant United States Attorney Andrew Sparks are investigating any sexual abuse against children that has taken place in the Catholic Diocese of Lexington.

If you, your child, or a loved one has suffered sexual abuse by a church priest, deacon, nun, or other official or employee affiliated with the Lexington Diocese of the Catholic Church, please contact us.  If requested, your name will remain confidential. 

Email Allison Connelly at connelly@uky.edu

or call or email Andrew Sparks at 859-899-8734 Asparks@dickinsonwright.com

As always, you may report sexual abuse to the appropriate law enforcement agency and to the Catholic Diocese of Lexington’s Victim Assistance Coordinator, Laura Napora at victimsassistance@cdlex.org

or by calling 859-338-5694