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Faith Walk News

FaithWalk Update From Melissa Holland…
Realizing that many of our young families may have been affected financially this year by the COVID-19
restrictions we have determined that there will be no fees charged for our Virtual FaithWalk Program or
for our Sacramental Years. However, there is a cost to the parish for the on-line programming being
provided this year, the “Pick-up Parties” being planned and for the in-person Sacramental Programs. Normal
fees for FaithWalk are $50 for one student, $80 for two students, or $100 for three or
more students, plus $100 for each student in sacramental preparation (typically 2nd &
th grade). Anyone wishing to help defray these costs may make a tax deductible
donation to the parish by marking in the memo line on your check “donation to
FaithWalk” and mail to: Pax Christi Catholic Church, 4001 Victoria Way,