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Faith Walk News

Sunday Morning Faith Walk
STARTS at 9:40 AM
Safe Environment Sunday
November 14th during Faith Walk
Materials went out last week regarding the required Safe
Environment program. If you have any questions please
contact the catechist for your child or contact Melissa Holland
at mholland@cdlex.org
LAST Tuesday Evening Session for
Sacramental Preparation — 6:00-7:00 PM
November 10 Pre-Confirmation (7th Grade)
Topic for Fall 2015 — Corporal Works of Mercy
Speaker: Ginny Ramsey (Catholic Ac=on Center)
Families who missed their assigned Fall session should plan to
attend this last Session. These sessions are for the whole
family. Also, see info on page three about the special talk
being held upstairs immediately following this session. All 7th,
8th, 9th, and High School families are encouraged to attend. If
you attend please sign in at the back of church as this
presentation by Sr. Helen Prejean can be used as a make up
session for Faith Walk if needed.


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