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Faith Walk News

Orientation/ Pancake Breakfast for Fall at 9:40 AM Sunday 8/23. Registration information and schedules for 2015-2016 were mailed out at the end of July.   If you haven’t received a packet you can pick one up at the back of church or call the church office at 859-273-9999.


NCYC — November 19th-22nd

The National Catholic Youth Conference is being held in Indianapolis again this year.   All those in High School at the time of the conference are eligible.   Join with 25,000 other young Catholics from across the country to give witness to our faith. Registrations have gone out through FaithWalk and email. These registrations along with a $50 non-refundable deposit are due now!   We currently have 22 Pax Christi youth signed up to attend!     If you are new to the parish and would like to register to attend please contact Melissa Holland at mholland@cdlex.org.



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