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Youth Group

The Pax Christi Youth Group, under the direction of Leslie Niemeier, is open to all youth in Middle and High School.  They meet every Sunday from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.  The Youth Group is  a time to gather for fellowship and fun among friends.  It is a wonderful way for the youth to meet each other.  Our church culture is diverse and many of our kids attend different schools in the area. The Youth Group plays an important role in pulling our future leaders of the Church together.

Our Youth Director, Leslie, is a recent graduate from Eastern Kentucky University and is with Thomas Cross Youth Ministry.  Her passion, energy, and love of the Catholic Faith is contagious. Her plans for the youth include activities that allow them to build relationships with one another, learn about their Catholic Faith, as well as strengthen their relationship with Christ.

For more information about the Youth Group, contact Leslie at paxyouth@cdlex.org.

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