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EMOHC training

Pax Christi requires Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to help distribute Holy Communion on Sundays (typically seven per Mass—this changes if there is an extra priest or deacon).   Baptized, Confirmed, Practicing Catholics at least 16 years of age, in good standing with the Church are eligible for this ministry. It is an especially rewarding ministry which enhances our participation in the Mass.   Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion usually serve 2 -3 times a month at their preferred Mass. A schedule is prepared at three month intervals so the extraordinary ministers know when they are to serve; we schedule around vacations and other commitments. If interested plan to attend the training on June 26 at 9:45am. (We’ll meet at the baptismal font.) If you want more information about the duties of this special ministry, please contact Kathi Hume, 223-9649, kchume@windstream.net



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