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Cross Roads

The Diocese of Lexington is relaunching Cross Roads.  This publication has served our diocese since 1988 in a newspaper format.  Now, it is becoming a 16-page magazine, published 10 times a year through the company Faith Catholic.  This will be a change that will allow for more intentional sharing of the stories that animate the life of this diocese.

The new Cross Roads will seek to tell stories that represent the geographic richness of the diocese, from the Bluegrass to Appalachia.  It is this diversity of background and stories that makes the name of the publication so apt.  Also, by offering these stories in a magazine, the hope is that Cross Roads will have a greater crossover appeal for those who find it sitting out in homes and public places.   - Paraphrased from Don Clemmer, Cross Roads Managing Editor

If you are receiving the current Cross Roads, the new version will continue to be sent to you.  If you are not on the mailing list and wish to be added, email Kris at kcoons@cdlex.org or call the church office at 859-273-9999.