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Corpus Christi

This SUNDAY (June 7) is Corpus Christi Sunday, We will have a traditional Corpus Christ procession beginning at 9:45am. The 8:30am mass will end in silence for a period of adoration for those staying for the procession.

If you are leaving after the 8:30 mass, please leave the building in

silence in respect for those staying. Thank you.   At 8:45am, we will

incense the Blessed Sacrament, and then line up in the middle aisle: first communion children in the first communion outfits with their family;

Confirmation teens with their family; Knights Council; parishioners.   I

will lead the procession with the Most Blessed Sacrament to the first altar on the grounds. We will pray the rosary as we walk. We will process to three altars on the grounds, and then back into the church. A program will be provided.


At each altar, there will be a reading from Scripture; a short reflection; a prayer, a hymn and Benediction.


At the final altar in the church, we will have a period of silent adoration alternating with prayer, and the final Benediction at 10:40am.

The closing hymn will be HOLY GOD.


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