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The Pax Christi Bereavement Committee consists of many dedicated individuals
who are available to walk with both parishioners and non-parishioners at a time of
loss. Those called to this ministry are on call as needed and are ready to carry out
the tasks of being with a grieving family in various ways.
Melissa Holland, our former Pastoral Associate and Business Manager, (who has retired) has chosen to retain this
portion of her pastoral duties and acts solely on a volunteer basis. Melissa is the contact person for Funeral PreArrangements and columbarium niche purchases. Melissa also is a main contact for Time of Need arrangements.
Melissa helps families in every aspect to plan and coordinate their funerals and/or inurnment here at Pax Christi.
In addition to funeral planning and coordination, another component of the Bereavement Committee that Melissa helps organize is the Card Ministry.
The Card Ministry is made up of parishioners who have requested to be on a list to be notified of deaths in our parish.
Those individuals hold the surviving family and friends in their prayers and many of them send personal condolences to the family. There is also a dedicated team of parishioners who share the responsibility of sending four cards hroughout the year to each family on behalf of the parish. The cards include care notes, a Mass Intention requested by the Bereavement Committee to commemorate the year anniversary date of death, an invitation to the Bereavement Mass (held on November 2nd of each year) at which time the deceased is remembered in the necrology, and a holiday card sent around Thanksgiving in the hopes that this gesture brings some comfort at this often difficult time of year.
Funerals during the pandemic were unfortunately very small in nature with no gathering or
funeral meals. We are pleased that we are able to resume traditional funerals and gatherings
now. If you are interested in learning more about the Bereavement Committee, planning a
funeral, or purchasing a niche in the Columbarium in our Peace Garden, please contact
Melissa Holland at mholland@cdlex.org or 859-333-9926.
The Funeral Meals Committee works in tandem with the Bereavement Committee. We
highlighted this group in April. If you are interested in learning more about helping with the
Funeral Meal Ministry, please contact Michelle Kubek at tmkubeck@gmail.com.

May 2022