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PAX CHRISTI has a very active ministry to those who have recently experienced the death of a loved one.  Members of the committee visits the family during a Visitation period, to introduce themselves, and assist at the Funeral Mass, if invited.  During the first year of grief, the committee keeps in touch with the family, either just by card at those special times during the years, snfby visits to provide emotional support as needed.

At funeral masses, PAX CHRISTI lights a candle in memory of the deceased person, and places the candle in a Memorial Candle Stand.  On All Soul’s Day, the committee offers a mass for all those who have died during the year.  Family members are invited to participate in the mass, and to bring forwarded the Memorial Candle. The candle is blessed during the mass, and the family is invited to take the candle home after the All Soul’s Day mass.

The committee also hosts an annual Memorial Day service during which mass is offered for deceased military  and their families.  After mass, the parish celebrates a pot-luck cookout.  If weather permits, this mass is usually celebrated in the Peace Garden.
On Veteran’s Day, the committee places a table in the back of church where individuals can recorded memories of the deceased military.