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The Terrazzo floors in church have been refinished and the chairs reset. Thanks for your patience during all the recent changes.  

We will not be placing the tape back on the floor due to the residue it would leave on our freshly cleaned/waxed floors.   

Please continue to be conscience of the spacing in the aisles coming to and from communion.   Everyone  has been great about adhering to the COVID protocols we have in place.  

You are to be commended…   many comments and notes have been received thanking Pax Christi for the safe environment we are providing.    This is due to you caring for one another!

There will be one Mass for the All Souls’ Liturgy on November 2nd at 6:30 PM which will be the annual Bereavement Mass for those families who have had funerals from October 1, 2019 through September 2020 at Pax Christi.   Invitations have gone out to those families asking them to let us know by October 26th how many from their household will attend.  On October 27th other parishioners wishing to attend this Mass will be able to sign-up to attend using sign-up genius which will indicate how much more seating is available.   Due to COVID we will not be able to accommodate walk-in participation as we must prepare for appropriate seating for the invited families.   Thank you for your patience as we journey through these times.

NOTE FROM FR. PAT 10/21/20

“Thank you all for asking about me and sending support and prayers.  I appreciate your concern and I know you must have been worried, esp about the length of this illness and the long hospital stay.  I have been diagnosed with Pancreatitis, which is a digestive illness that I have learned is known for ups and downs over what can be a lengthy course for some people. 

In my case, the illness has led to a cascade of resulting or related issues.  Over the course of the past couple of months, I’ve faced bowel problems, abdominal fluid accumulations and issues with my ability to absorb nutrition.  For this, I’ve had a feeding tube during portions of my hospital stay. 

I’ve undergone numerous rounds of diagnostic and treatment procedures and lately the doctors tell me that the results are reassuring that I am trending toward improvement. 

I am grateful for your continued prayers.”

For Emergencies contact Melissa Holland at 859-333-9926

For Confessions contact Fr. Larry Hehman at lar4u@hotmail.com 

The Terrazzo floors in church are slated to be refinished soon.

We are using this time while the pews are in storage to have the church floors (including the Gathering Space)  stripped and waxed.  

We hope to begin in the next week or two in order for this work to be complete before renovation of the basement begins.

While this work is being performed, the Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday weekday Masses will be held in the basement.  

Parking will be in the upper parking lot with entrance through the basement doors.      

Parking in the lower lot will be limited to those who would normally need handicapped parking.

Due to the need to sanitize after all Masses, the pews are showing wear as the sanitizer has damaged the finish on them.  In order to prevent further damage, the pews are currently being stored until the need to disinfect after each Mass is no longer needed.

They will return refinished and restored!  Until then, thank you for your patience and understanding.  We realize sitting in chairs is very different for many people, yet, we can’t deny this whole year has been very different!

Let us continue to pray vigilantly for protection from this devastating pandemic!  Until then, we will continue to be vigilant about providing a church environment that is as safe as possible for all parishioners. 

Sunday, October 18th after the 11:30 AM Mass

What is a “Pick-up Party”?

Families who signed up for the FaithWalk pick-up parties will pull in the circle drive and while remaining in their cars, they will be given a packet of supplies specifically made for their family.  (Not registered for the Pick-Up Parties but would like to participate? Please email mholland@cdlex.org by noon on Monday, October 12th so we have a packet ready for you)

What to expect in the packets…..

Þ Age appropriate Gospel Weeklies (Pflaum)

Þ Fun fact sheets and ideas for middle/high school youth

Þ Fun sheets, ideas and crafts for Elementary and Pre-K

Þ Family activities to celebrate the Holy Days & Holidays in October & November

October  — Month of the Rosary

(finger rosaries & rosary sheets)

October 31st — All Hallows’ Eve (Halloween)

November 1st — All Saints’ Day

November 2nd — All Souls’ Day / Day of Dead — how

can we celebrate the lives of our ancestors?


AND….  After you pick up your packet…. Come prepared to pull into the parking lot  (park in every other parking space around the outside of the lot) and join in the safe distancing games designed by members of our Youth Ministry Team! 


Wear your Halloween Costumes! 

There will be costume awards!

To all those who supported the Fall Flower Sale.  And a very warm thank you to all the volunteers who helped make it happen! 

Through your support, the Prime Timers are able to donate $837.00 to Advancing The Journey in honor of Mel Goodfriend, our  co-chair, who recently passed.   He considered Pax Christi as family.