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An Open Letter to Pax Christi Parishioners

Dear Friends,
Unfortunately, I need to write this open letter to the parish to give you the state of the parish finances. This is not a dire letter of alarm. There is both good news and bad news.
The good news is that although we still have not been able to reach our “need” operating budget, we have been paying our regular bills by watching closely our expenditures, and by holding vacant a position of DRE. Thank you to Gloria Becker who has stepped up to serve as a volunteer coordinator for our Children’s Sunday Morning Faith Formation program.
The difficulty comes from the extraordinary expenses we have incurred due to problems with our heating and air conditioning. Last year we hired a firm to provide for preventive maintenance of this equipment, which is now 13 years old. Their regular maintenance found certain problems which we corrected, and they continue to find problems with the system. As you were aware last weekend, the system was working only at half power. This fiscal year we have already spent over $30,000. Luckily, with the approval of the diocese, we have been able to pay most of these expenses from minor maintenance category of the OIFAM money donated by you in the diocesan capital campaign.
Additionally, in response to resolving our property issues, we are in negotiations to purchase property at the west end of our parking lot, which is eventually give us a second ingress/egress; however the price will require us to take out a line of credit. This is a necessary expense to protect our parking lot.
I am asking each of you to consider your ability to make a one time donation either to defray the extraordinary costs of repairs to our HVAC system, or to reduce the line of credit which will be needed to purchase the property at the west end of the parking lot.
Please feel free to talk with me about these expenses. During the summer months, I will be publishing in the bulletin more detailed expenditure reports on the HVAC systems and the property purchase.
I also will be presenting the 2014-2015 income and expenditure report, as well as the projected 2015-2016 Operating Budget.
Thank you for your discernment as we attempt to resolve these financial issues.
In the peace of Christ,
Fr. Nick


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