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Advocate for a Healthy Decocracy

The Kentucky Council of Churches advocates for a free and fair democracy, accessible and transparent, so that honest debates over important issues can gain the widest possible hearing. Many actions that protect our democracy are in jeopardy because of misguided and ill-informed policies and legislation.  

We are joining with partners like Kentuckians for the Commonwealth in a non-partisan call to ensure and protect Kentuckians' right to vote, right to comment on legislation, and the right to hold their government officials accountable. 

Join in a cooperative virtual lobbying day on Tuesday, January 25! Click Here to Register!

In February, the KCC will also be hosting virtual "Prayer in Action" events with experts, lawmakers, and religious leaders to help us Learn, Pray, and Act in ways for the benefit of all. 

Christ calls us to proclaim release and relief to the poor and victimized. Let us work and pray together so a better world is possible. Also Register for: Prayer in Action Event! Understand the Issues Together