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Advancing the Journey Update

Dear Friends, thank you for your continued support of our "Advancing the Journey Capital Campaign".  As you know we have moved in to the new office building and the renovation of the basement is well under way. 
Click here for the financial report for ATJ showing the expected expenditures and the financial commitments/income as of December 13th.    What a blessing to see over 60% of our households support this project as well as friends of the parish!   These figures do not show any expected giving from those of you who did not pledge to the campaign but have been so generous with your giving.    We hope you are able to continue these gifts.    If you have not been able to give at this point but can begin giving a few dollars a month toward ATJ it would be greatly appreciated.   We know this year has been difficult for many, so if you are unable to support the campaign financial we ask that you continue to hold us in prayer.     We have about 18% of the cost of the projects left to fund.    Hopefully we will be able to open the basement to activities by end of the Summer 2021 —wouldn't it wonderful to do that debt free!     We have $330K anticipated need to complete the projects without taking out a loan.    

Thank you for all you have done to make this happen!