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A Thank You

The following letter of THANKS was received in December from Fr. Thomas R. Carroll, Sch.P. of the Piarist Fathers, Order of the Pious Schools.

Dear Fr. Stewart & Parishioners of Pax Christi Catholic Church,

                 We have received a check in the amount of $5,834.68 from the Society of Propagation of the Faith reflecting in part the results of our appeal at your parish in connection with the 2019 Mission Co-Op program.

                 I want to express my thanks for your generosity, which we are sure manifests a true spirit of sacrifice on your part.  Your offerings are not only essential for accomplishing the work that God has called us to do but are also necessary for our very survival.

Neither you nor I may ever see the results of our work and the end of poverty in our country, but we have to make the effort to bring it about and at the same time to spread our faith.  Whatever success we may have is also your success and God will reward you for your part in it. 

I am also grateful for the hospitality shown to me while I was at Pax Christi  Catholic Church. 

Thanks again for your help and may God bless you. 

Your brother in Christ,

Fr. Thomas R. Carroll, Sch.P.

Mission Director