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A note about Summer Neighborhood Mass

Thanks to Ed and Stasia Kruse for opening up their home to Pax Christi Parishioners for Wednesday evening Mass.  It was an uplifting and beautiful experience for those who were there.  It took me back to when I lived in mission country in Eastern KY.  There was no Catholic Church building in Grayson where I was doing my student teaching.  I stayed with the two sisters who ministered there in a white house.  When Sundays came, we rearranged the furniture into a circle for the 20 or so people who would come.  There was a feeling of community and support there that I have never forgotten.  It was nice to experience that feeling again.  I would encourage everyone to have that experience this summer.  Thanks to Fr. Pat for offering this experience.   - Francie Bauer, Parishioner