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A letter to the Women of the Parish

Christ Renews His Parish Retreat
To the Women of the Parish
For the past 3years Pax Christi has hosted “Christ Renews His Parish” retreats.
These retreats and their follow up are an important contribution to the spiritual
and communal life of the parish. Through this week-end retreat participants get
to meet new people, get to know one another better and come to appreciate their
faith in a deeper, life-giving way.
There will be a Women's Christ Renews His Parish (or CRHP) retreat
on Feb. 16 & 17. The whole retreat takes place right here on our own church
grounds. That is part of its charm and effectiveness.
I encourage you to seriously consider taking advantage of this offering and
signing up for this retreat opportunity by emailing Patricia Lacovara at
The presenting team are generous and enthusiastic parish members. I am sure
you will be glad you made the choice to join them.
Fr Pat