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2019 Diocesan Annual Appeal September 21-22

Dear Fellow Parishioners.

The Diocesan Annual Appeal now falls in September and October. You may remember this from last year. Throughout the diocese, the pledge weekend is September 28 -29. However, because I am going to be away that weekend, Pax Christi is having pledge weekend on September 21-22.

The Annual Appeal always makes me remember my years in South Central Kentucky at St. Mildred in Somerset and in Southeastern Kentucky at St. William in London and my beloved St. Ann in Manchester. I remember Sr. Marty who ran a full-time outreach ministry at St. Mildred and seemed to know every person in Pulaski County. I remember Vicky Nicholson who would go into the deepest parts of Laurel County when people called the church in need. Ministries like this need your support.

These are my personal memories of people I deeply admire. Many of you know priests, religious and lay people who serve generously in Eastern Kentucky and throughout the diocese. For them, our help is essential for them to be able to keep their ministries going.  I also think of our retired priests. You know what priests like Fr. Bob Neiberding, Fr. Ray Stratman, Fr. John Curtis and our own Fr. Larry have accomplished through their lives as devoted priests in our diocese. You know what they continue to do for us all. The Annual Appeal continues to support them, too.

I also remember the tremendous response our parish gave to the Diocesan Appeal last year! Our pledges exceeded the goal set by the diocese for our parish! And pledges actually paid totaled a large percentage of our goal.

This year, our goal is only slightly higher, $55,000. Can we as a parish once again reach that goal? We know the value of this appeal. We know that this money is not for the day-to-day running of the diocesan offices. We know it helps so many people.

Please do look at all the materials that the diocese sends you.

Please prayerfully reflect on the effect your donation can have in the lives of others.

Please come to the pledge Sunday prepared to make a generous commitment. I have already made a pledge of $200.00 for this year. Some can give much more. Some can give less. But I wish that all of us and each of us could make some sort of pledge.

Thank you for your time and attention. Thank you for your devotion to our Lord and our church. Thank you for your faith. Thank you for your commitment to the mission. Thank you for supporting the Annual Appeal.


Fr Pat